If I accepted every order ever received from Ready Flowers I would have gone out of business.
When Ready Flowers initially started sending us orders, we had accepted a few, but there was no way we could possibly complete the orders to the full value with what they were paying us, in the end we were either constantly rejecting the orders or telling them the order was under value,we eventually had to ask them to stop sending us orders unless they increased the value of the orders. As a shop front we are constantly battling against these Flower websites competing for our local business. I am glad somebody has exposed this company for what it truly is.
Ready Flowers Review
We often receive requests from this website promoter along with those of another similar styled one - we reject the orders as they ae grossly undervalue -
we recently received a request to do an order for $58 including delivery, on investigation they were charging the consumer $113 - all florists should do their own investigating and see what these websites charge and if everyone is aware and rejects what they send through we can rid the industry of these unprofessionals scammers!!
ReadyFlowers also make "websites" for the florists which are just re-badged sites of the main readyflowers.com.au website.
The site has the florists logos and info. Florists still have to pay membership to receive orders, they also have to pay a setup fee for becoming a member. A setup fee is also payed to setup the rebadged site and commission is still taken from their orders that are directed through their site as well. All perth florists were also turned off on their system so that their perth based florist owned separately by people involved in readyflowers.com.au would receive all perth orders. There were even a few perth florists paying memberships but would receive minimal orders to keep them happy. 
 yes... very dodgy indeed! Use good old yellow pages and find a local florist!
I was supplying flowers for Ready Flowers when they first started and gradually the charges kept going up.
I complained to Tom and was told they were cheaper than Interflora which was not true. Then account fees were added. Then they wanted a monthly fee as well to be a member or you couldn't get any orders. I told Tom the expenses were getting up too high to be able to supply quality and was told a good florist should be able to sell space. Then the next thing as well as picture we had a list that was to be supplied to customer as to what was in order so that meant the onus went on florist. The last straw for me was when I accidently found out, as well as all the commission and account fees and member fees shown on invoice, $12.00 was taken off the top of order first before it was sent to a Florist. I believed it had become a fraud so I stopped supplying their flowers. I did try several times to talk honestly to Tom with regard to percentages and was promptly told his father knew all their was to know with regard to maths as he was an expert.
I'm a florist and dealing with ready flowers. I don't even like them as their flower arrangements are crap. I feel so sorry for the customers that are buying from them as they are not getting their value. I hate them so much I wish they wouldn't send us any more orders.
Well, well, well, the latest Rough & Ready no telephone number website, www.ReadyPenny.com.au of 12th Floor, Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street Central, Hong Kong (see http://www.readypenny.com.au/terms/), at least seems to be taking heed of what the Fair Trading website requires in the way of declaring commissions by this little number on its About Us page at http://www.readypenny.com.au/information/
"Ready Penny is in business to make profit ... therefore we take a small margin from the orders we place with our suppliers. On average we take a modest fee of AUD$10.00 however ... Ready Penny's wholesale relationships with local suppliers assists in the ability to remain competitive in the online flower market."
I recently got an email on my private Interflora email account inviting me to take Rough & Ready survey [SURVEY ARCHIVED HERE] about creating what they call a Super Florist. It seems that Rough & Ready Flowers has the Interflora database of members and is trying to poach some of them. Not interested myself, unless they totally manage to launder their image and ethics, but I wonder what Interflora thinks of all this?
The boys at Rough & Ready are at it again www.readypenny.com.au 
Not surprisingly they have changed their name but it is obviously the same people behind it. They have their signature fake plastic flowers and they are trying to pass them off for less than it would cost me to make them in my shop. God only knows how much the florist will get once they take all their commissions out of the price. Are these guys for real? I am amazed that anyone is still dealing with them.
I just read from your latest news that Ready Flowers operates out of the PERTH TECHNOPARK.
Well isn't this just the final insult!!!
Ripping off florists, ripping off the public, registered in Hong Kong, all while being incubated by the West Australian government, bloody incredible!!!
It will be interesting to see if the Honourable (Chair Sniffing) Troy Buswell Minister for Commerce will do anything about it.
Thankyou very much for your efforts. I am encouraging our competitors in Bairnsdale to also stop using Ready Flowers (see below).
We rejected a Ready Flowers order just this morning!

"Dear Florists,
We have until recently, being accepting orders from a Online relay company called Ready Flowers.
My partner and I have been concerned about the difference between what Ready Flowers appears to be charging their customer and the value of the order placed with us by Ready Flowers. Ready Flowers appears to be taking more than would one would perceive as a fair commission for providing their relay service.
Recent emails, which you may have also received, indicate that legal action is now being taken against Ready Flowers.
We have commenced to reject all orders from Ready Flowers. We are hopeful that if you also will  reject their orders so that Ready Flowers has no outlet in Bairnsdale. I’m sure that if none of us deal with Ready Flowers the orders will still come through one of the more legitimate relay services."
Since my post of 2 weeks ago - again the controversy & trail of betrayal, lies & deceit that belies the operation methods of ReadyFlowers continues to be exposed
To re-quote from comment posted 6th April ... "Well isn't this just the final insult!!!" ... Sadly I'm absolutely certain this will not be the last insult we florists & now customers of the globe will have to face from ReadyFlowers ... 
With Ready Flowers in obvious denial & a perverted belief that ripping people off & the WA state government now is an ethical & accepted practice ... we need the florist crusader to continue his journey & ensure that the RF group RIP ... 
I look forward to Gordon's feedback from Troy Buswell & associates on the OTHER scam that RF must have pulled off to get into Technology Park WA ... their tenancy application form would have made interesting reading ... more than a few mistruths would have been inked into that form & that's for sure ...
 Keep it up Gordon ... the rest of the industry is certainly talking about you & is 100% behind you ... the industry has had enough of the RF big time now ... and time will prove that ...
We have an order sitting on our work board that is to be delivered on the 18th, which we received on the 2nd of march.
The order comes to $109.90 on THEIR website, we have the order as $60.20... mind you that is delivery, vase and bouquet of lilys and freesia..... OH MY GOOD the poor customer is getting ripped off $49.70. Gee that's fair.! 
We since have rejected all their orders and I have had many a phone fight with them as to how much they rip their customers off and we will not put our name on the orders... WE PUT THEIRS!
  Hi Gordon, As a manager and partner of a Florist Shop for the past 16 years,
I have done work for Ready Flowers in the past, their orders were always way under value, for me to execute the order that they had illustrated to their customer. I would have to send the flowers out at wholesale prices without making anything for my time or even a profit!! I phoned them quite irritated of the monetary value I was receiving.  They would always increase the value of the order to what I required but it was always a battle to get the increase in monetary value.  In the end I would not accept any orders from Ready Flowers because I felt the consumer was being ripped off!!.   In fact I found out from a customer of Ready Flowers that they had paid substantially more than I received to create the order. Their customer rang me directly, as I always put my florist sticker and business card with every order that leave my shop. The customer was upset that the flowers weren't what they had pictured from the webpage, while the customer was on the phone I went to the website to check and see what the customer had paid.  I was horrified to find that this customer had paid $130.00 and I received about $55.00 - $65.00 to create the same order!  I'm not really sure of the correct amounts but it was a clear rip off!!! I was really upset with Ready Flowers.  I apologised to their customer and explained what I had received from Ready Flowers. I said to them that they would have been better off contacting me directly and told them I would send out an apology bouquet to the recipient.  They were really happy with my response but here again I was left to hold up my own business's reputation before Ready Flowers destroyed all my hard work.
As the president of the Tasmanian Florists' Association and a florist owner/manager
who has worked in both Victoria and Tasmania for many years I have seen and worked with both relay and web florist services.
Anyone that can use a computer can set up a web florist service and it is a detriment to the florist industry that we allow these rogue traders to flourish. The problem is that we are the problem. The web florists rely on real florists to execute the orders for the price they dictate. If we stopped doing this, they would cease to exist- on a professional level at least.
Why are florists so divided and belligerent within our own industry? We would be stronger if we ALL stood together to stop non-florists eroding our hard earned profit margins. This issue was discussed at our last meeting and T.F.A. members do not associate themselves with Ready Flowers.
Gordon ... we had been receiving orders from ReadyFlowers for awhile
but because of the value offered we rejected most of them and upon becoming aware of the information you provided now reject all orders without regard to value ... good luck with your quest to rid our industry of such an unscrupulous practice ...
  Just to let you know the flowers used in all their website images are fake or silk flowers they do this because the flowers look fresh and full.
 To prove it look at their video they made advertising the company which was taken on valentines day when they needed that many staff and you will see on the desks the flowers used on the website. They have about 3 people answering the phones now.
I got fired when I told a customer it was cheaper to buy them direct from a florist.
Thanks and good work on the website.
I see that Rough & Ready Flowers has been squealing loudly about loosing customers because of this website.
If customers have been diverted from dealing with RRF they might br lucky enough to have actually found a real florist to fulfill their orders. This can only be really good news for customers because, from RRF's own squealing documents, if a customer spends $90 with RRF only $50 goes to the executing florist, so by avoiding the RRF rip-off the customer can gain an extra 40 dollars worth of flowers.
I am not and never have been a part of your business but I had a quick read and on page 4 you have a fees chart and I can tell you that the relay company I have dealt with for the past 10 years doesn't take those sort of commisions, and there's another company I deal with who don't take commissions at all. I think you'll find the thing that pisses florists off is the fact that you charge the customer $90 and give a $50 order to the florist so you've made a $40 profit and the florist made $35 well not quite what about the cost of sundries, so lets call that $25. (and is that including or excluding the courier fees)
 You know what if I don't make the most out of an order I just don't do it. Yes I would like the cost of flowers to come down but they won't because of all the associated costs that go with it. I am a professional florist won awards the whole 9 yards and my time is very valuable and if you want my service you will pay for it. I don't do anything for nothing and neither should any other florist. Most people haven't a clue about a florists job or the creativity actually needed to be any good in this business. Oh and just so you know I also have an associate diploma in Accounting and a couple of other qualifications, and I can see by this letter you've sent out that you are getting the lions share for doing bugger all, in comparison to the ones who actually do the work.
.....and who the hell is Harvey Rough?
"We had already been offered some orders from RF in the past that we thought were just rip offs for the customer
I rang them about one order in particular and they told me that the photos were silk flowers - so they looked so much bigger and fuller than the real thing. And the amount of money allocated to us to execute them was ridiculous. We are not members of RF even though they tried for years to get us to join."

Publish your comment: Not specifically authorised as it has been extracted from correspondence from a third party but considering the importance of the silk flowers statement it has been published.
I have 1 order to do for Ready Flowers.
When I saw the picture of what was to be sent, I emailed them and DEMANDED MORE MONEY OR I WOULDN'T DO IT. They did give me an xtra $10.
As Managing Editor of the only independent trade magazine in the UK - Florist & Wholesale Buyer -
I must congratulate Gordon on his efforts and hope that this brings positive results.  
 Internet operators like this are now setting up all over the world and as a result many thousands and thousands of consumers are getting very poor value for money. In the UK 33% is the norm for handling an order, other operators far more. 
Worse still, in my opinion, is the fact that on-line directories like Yell, Google etc encourage and assist the deceit by allowing them to advertise, often using bogus addresses, despite regular evidence that these companies are, at best, immoral, at worst illegal. 
Given this is an international issue I shall watch this with great interest and am happy to offer my support if I can help in any way. 
In the meantime I would urge consumers to use the Internet to find real bricks and mortar shops with websites. Not only will your budget go a lot further but it is the most effective way to stop greedy middlemen continuing to trade.
  This is a great development, customers and florists have been ripped off by these Internet traders.
I've had problems before, ring them and complain and they tell you it's a corporate client, they get special rates? Customers pay a great deal of money to get something nice and it can make us -the florist- look bad when the customer gets to see the end result. Like a 25 dollar bunch they've paid 55 dollars for. Bad for our industry. So you've got my full support to stop this from happening.
After reading all comments regarding relay agencies we are feeling very honoured to be a member of Direct2florist.
We have been with this system almost from the begining & have seen the growth from a few in the UK to several worldwide countries. My main comment is that we are in control of what we send from our shop - something we take great pride in. The shop will have been trading for 25 years in April this year something we are also proud of. This system has taken us a step further in taking our products to many other people across many countries not just something from a book that everybody has to work from & stock certain flowers that you know will not sell in your area & we get full money to be able to provide something that looks goods with plenty of content. [Bloomin Krackers Direct2Florist Ordering System]
Being a Real Live Independent Florist for 40 years and a very loyal member of a well known relay,
we realised years ago of these poaching tactics and refused to loose our reputation in our area by executing these orders. All relays have also lost their reputation as being a perfect organisation for what the florists set them up to be in supporting the florist. The first order taken from the general public by these organisation has caused a crippling effect on the whole flower industry. They were warned 15 years back that it would become uncontronlable and this website proves our warning. Congratulations and may florists not be so naive to accept these orders to the detriment of their florist reputation. For a totally honest, open and transparent way of being a florist to your most precious customer and the florist industry please check out www.eflora.net.au and register as a Real Live Florist. You will not be compelled to join us but you will be pleasantly surprised to see our efforts and compassion for the Independent Florist. For sure your customer is your most important asset, you need them, they don't need you. Thank them for your success.
  In regard to ready flowers opening bogus online florist
We have a florist on the NSW mid north coast and until very recently if you google searched florist Port Macquarie your search revealed florists located in the area and shown on the google map. Just recently this has changed and just one florist comes up. This florist does not exist no address is given only a 1800 phone number. I noticed this is the case if you search florist in other towns. I would be interested to know if this is ready flowers or if not Who?
I have been watching this article with great interest and firstly I would like to thank Peter Caven Gordon Craven on a great job.
We have been watching the movements of readyflowers.com.au since they started to advertise heavily on the internet. 
Currently with being involved in Australia and New Zealand we have been monitoring the levels of commissions charged by readyflowers.com.au and advising our Teleflora Florists in both countries how best to handle these orders.
This advise is to reject the order.
I will explain Teleflora and Teleflora.com.au., Teleflora is a relay florist network that has been established for 50 years within Australia. We are a florist member owned organisation with a Board of Directors, made up of florists, in the following states - QLD,WA,NSW and VIC and currently have a vacancy in SA for any interested Teleflora Members. I will say that TELEFLORA and its BOARD of DIRECTORS do not condone the action of readyflowers.com.au and support this article with full respect. It should also be noted that Teleflora as a member based organisation our profits are used to increase the business of Teleflora members and to foster the growth of orders to benefit our members who are florists. 
Sean the florist ? with regards to the relationship between Teleflora and 1300flowers.com.au, I will explain the situation for you. Teleflora and 1300flowers.com.au have agreed prices which we believe are fair for the florist. Please remember that we are a florist based and are owned by our florist members. I will explain how our prices are achieved. We select members and florists within the Teleflora network who price the items for Teleflora, this is done in each state and not just by one member in each state so therefore we achieve a fair price to ALL Teleflora Members. 
It would be illegal for Teleflora to tell any person what they should sell a product for, we can only advise that this is the price to send an order via the Teleflora Network and let our member florist explain the Teleflora system and guarantee. We can suggest a RRP but that is it. 
Once again the Board of Teleflora and the Management would like to thank www.fair-trading.com.au for a great article and exposing what many in the industry through-out Australia and New Zealand have spoken about. As I have explained earlier, Teleflora advised those florists who have enquired to us that they should reject these orders as it will only lose them money.
Sean the florist ? I am available at anytime to discuss this matter with you further and may be contacted on 1800.335.040. 
My advice to all online shoppers and florists is to stick to the brands that you know. 
As you can see Teleflora has been around since before the internet was even created and we thank our florists members for their ongoing support.
  It is with great interest that this situation has come to a head.
Being an established florist shop for over thirty years, its amazing that after many years of complaining someone in authority is taking this seriously. Ready flowers is the tip of the iceberg. If enough questions and research is done, companies like ( i'd rather not say at the moment) which only have a web presence and other companies who do have a retail presence have done their home work and its far more financially rewarding to put all your efforts in stopping buyers getting to the florist and take a neat 26% upwards to (well the sky the limit it seems) profit without little outlay. Some of the big players might disagree as they would spend thousands- hundred of thousands on promoting their products and web space, but again I say little outlay for maximum gain. They're not florists, they're leeches -when you're on a good thing stick to it. . If they disagree then i'll give in and call them flower sellers. None so far have shown any indication or commitment to be given the slightest consideration in being called florists. The jargon at the moment "on-line florists" what a load of bull dust. You're a florist or you're not! 
We have a nation of florists providing a unique service that is being slowly and painfully destroyed. WE HAVE SUPPLIERS WHO WILL GLADLY SUPPLY NON FLORIST SHOPS AND AT MUCH BETTER PRICES, WE HAVE SUPERMARKETS WHO WILL SELL AT A LOSS IN ORDER TO CAPTURE OUR MARKET (THEY HAVEN'T REALISED "YET" THAT'S NOT OUR MARKET.) WE HAVE EASYFLOWERS WHO WILL HAVE YOU COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER ON PRICE SO AS TO GET THE LOWEST PRICE AND HIGHEST COMMISSION, YOU HAVE ROSES ONLY WHO WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT THE PRODUCT WILL BE AND EXACTLY WHAT THEY WILL PAY YOU, YOU HAVE RETAIL OUTLETS (FLORISTS) WHOSE MAIN BUSINESS IS WEB SALES - no flowers 26% commission, no headaches. I could continue but you get the idea. The reality is there are two relay organizations in this country, some say three but its two. They are member owned by florists, yes there is a commission but its shared by the florists and yes there are boards and directors but they work for us, and if enough florists took an active part a lot more would be done. We have a web presence and yes there is commission - but it all comes back to us its members, so get active say no to all other web sales by would be's. A lot of real florists have web pages and good on you, but if your web page is solely to capture the buyer and make easy money, its about time a stop was put to this. The internet, well uncontrollable I agree, but stop people calling themselves florists or claiming they are doing the order or taking all the accolades ( for milking us dry). They should be made to say who they are, where they are and what active part are they doing in fulfilling the order (jack squat). As a friend of mine in the industry recently said. Once upon a time 80% of my work that left the shop was our own work, now 70% is someone else's relay order and 30% ours. We do do the hard yards to insure customers are happy both recipient and sender, but who's laughing all the way to the bank? I'm not asking for control or ban but just the recognition and reward that should come from such a fascinating "INDUSTRY". FLORIST'S SHOULD RULE NOT BE RULED.
I've just found out that the new mob 1300flowers.com.au are really no better than the other internet floral cowboys such as readyflowers.com.au, easyflowers.com.au, etc.
They're using Pat Rafter to try to buy credibility, but the reality is that they operate just like most of the other clowns ripping off customers and real florists. Apparently 1300flowers.com.au get the orders, take their commission and then pass the orders on to the people who run teleflora.com.au who take a further chunk of commission out before they send the order to a florist to make and deliver. Once again, we the florists get ripped off and so does the customer. 
Pat Rafter seems like a nice bloke, but I bet he didn't know exactly who he was getting into bed with when he agreed to be the spokesman for 1300flowers.com.au, who are just as bad as the rest of them.
  After reading through the published comments I would like to say that all the relay florists and this includes the likes of interflora rake a big hand full of the order value from us florists.
One of the comments " why don't florists have there own web sites " that is exactly what we have done and we do all the work....take photos of our work and put our own work on the site. The customer sees exactly what the flowers will look like and all it costs them is a phone call, no commission, no middle man to rake off the florists earned profit. And our own web site works.
It's about time someone started to pull the plug on this stealing of orders to genuine florists across Australia
by using florists names in their area with channelling of orders meant for the genuine florist to their commission taking schemes. 
The website "http://www.floristdetective.com/" is excellent for comsumers to weed out the phony relay companies ruining the florist industry.
  Have you looked at eg., Easy Flowers 6 Roses in a Glass Vase $83.00 AUD [HERE],
we get paid $33.00. We have to pay a monthly fee to them as well as them taking their big cut from the original order. 
1300 Flowers are a relayer using a second relayer! (Petals) this before it actually reaches the florist and we are expected to do the order and deliver it and on many occasions we don't even cover our costs! PETALS promised that would match orders but this month I'm paying them $770.00! and this has been consistent through the year. Someone needs to investigate how ALL these RELAYER ARE ROBBING THE PUBLIC AS WELL AS THE SMALL STRUGGLING FLORISTS.
Here's an update on Ready Flowers' new business tactics.
Ready Flowers have now deliberately removed all costing figures from their supplying orders to florists. Florists now no longer know what the order value is, how much of the "amount to charge us for delivery" is, or any other information they used to supply. Ready Flowers is now selling their floral orders to the florist as a single total amount without reference to any other costing details. It is now up to the florist to try and work out those details or otherwise be tempted by the one lump sum amount shown. They are also attempting to remove the immediate payout system and introduce a one off monthly payout at the end of the month (currently delayed) so as a florist, you are now no longer aware of how much you have to pay Ready Flowers to give away your flowers to people. 
Wouldn't it be nice if the people behind the Kerri-anne franchise could get behind the florists and expose the Ready Flowers system she recognised as an easy money maker at florists labour exploitation.
  It appears that Ready Flowers may not be attempting to enter the USA market.
I wonder if that's because the USA Federal Trade Commission appears to take more of an interest in this sort of scam than Australian government authorities.
"Some unscrupulous telemarketing firms are posing as local florists, charging you higher fees and taking business away from legitimate florists in your town....
"The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint or to get free information on consumer issues, visit ftc.gov or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. The FTC enters consumer complaints into the Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure online database and investigative tool used by hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad."

Source : USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Petal Pushers
Here is Ready Flowers, Australian Enquiry Lines:
Adelaide:   +61 8 8111 4591
Brisbane:   +61 7 3123 5925
Canberra:   +61 2 6102 4635
Melbourne:  +61 3 9001 5725
Newcastle:  +61 2 4013 4000
Perth:      +61 8 9220 9061
Sydney:     +61 2 8282 5714
Wollongong: +61 2 4203 2001
Well done for exposing them and now hand this to the media and see what they can do.
I am a florist and have been approached by this and other type companies to do their orders I have their web site on my computer and just tell them I can't do the order for their price knowing full well how much they are selling the item for. Refusing the order usually results in the client ringing direct to find out that I am not shut as they have been told by Ready flowers but also when I quote my price they are amazed to find out that I am much cheaper and more amazed to find out that the $90+ order was relayed to me for $15.50 plus delivery. One other occasion I arrived at work to find a phone message from one of my clients all excited about the arrival of her niece "I want to order something big and beautiful $150 to go to the hospital ring me" so I did to find out that she was so excited that she went online and placed the order. This did not worry me as I am the only florist in the area and I would get the order anyway. It came through for $77.50 inc delivery. Knowing my client I rang her to explain that what she ordered was only small in comparison to all the other family members. She was amazed at the amount of fees taken out told me to do the $150 order and that she would cancel the relay order. When she contacted them she was told that there was a 50% cancellation fee. Guess they get their commission anyway they can!!!
  Well ... anonymous florists comments on 23 January says everything that needs be said
& again outlines & confirms Gordon Cravens analysis & subsequent exposure of this "group of thieves" ... 
Having said that, anonymous florists inference that the RF group are "Florists best Friends" certainly is not the case anymore - florists have / are turning on this group of scammers in their droves & as more & more florists are finding out what RF is ACTUALLY doing to the industry & what the customer is ACTUALLY paying RF - florists level of disdain is growing daily.  
I note that 2 legit & reputable relay groups - www.ausfloristdirect.com & www.eFloristsRus.com.au have uploaded warnings & direct links on the home pages of their websites direct to this report. WELL DONE to them ... we can only assume that plenty of customers will see this in advance & avoid the RF group - it all helps.
Also, I can speak 1st hand of this rapidly growing level of disdain toward RF because everyday we go to the markets more & more florists are "talking" about RF group & their immoral / downright theft of the industry as a whole ... from both sides ... firstly the customer then obviously us - the florists. 
If RF were so confident & believed that there exorbitant fees were justified - why don't they just publish them on their website so the customers know in advance they were about to be ripped ... then ALSO outline in the order email to florists all the ACTUAL commissions they've already creamed "off the top" of the original order so we all just know in advance & in black & white that we've been scammed!!!!!! 
But ... somehow I don't think this will happen ... 
What we ALL need to do is refer this website to everyone in the industry we know & ALL vent our disdain for the RF group of thieves ... then eventually they will just fold up & go away ... 
Lastly, the quickest, easiest & most effective way to have the RF group ejected from the florist industry is for ALL florists to just REJECT their orders ... coz if they cant get florists to process their orders, maybe as JENNY said below on the 16th January - "Perhaps the online relay people send the orders to local paper boys who go and get some Coles supermarket flowers for delivery." ...then RF would have to do this coz its obvious they have absolutely NO ACTUAL experience in the working world of floristry ... 
RF belong in places like Nigeria with the rest of the word's online scammers ... RF would be right at home there.
So come on florists - WE can't just sit around whinging that we're being scammed - WE have to get off our butts & finish off RF and it can be done very easily as I said above - just REJECT their orders ... problem solved very very quickly ...
Great work. We have been trying to educate the public for many years with respect to the very same scenario you depict above. We have alerted government authorities to these facts but with no effect. There is a particular website www.findmeflowers.com.au which has collated an enormous amount of information about retail florists. Most retail florists we have contacted are unaware that their details, that sometimes include ABN details, are being used. We would be grateful if you could suggest any way in which we could could put a stop to this website. Tony
I, like many florists am struggling to make a living.
Due to the severe competition in our industry and lack of camaraderie, relay services like Ready Flowers have been able to infiltrate the market under the guise of "Florists best friends" and have ended up dividing the industry even further and heading towards conquering us. Regrettably through apathy and indifference, Florists and consumers are allowing it to happen.
I joined with Ready Flowers as a supplying florist as they won me over with the idea of immediate payment for supplying orders they garnered from the internet, rather than wait a month to pay bills from the commissions I earned for supplying orders as some more reputable services need to do.
Desperate for money, I thought wow, what an opportunity! Great deal! Did I bother to care what the costs were? No! Did I check how much the customer was actually paying? No! Even though most of the orders paid a pittance, I put it down to customers not willing to pay a lot of money, but so what, hey, they are orders I didn't get before and a pittance of profit is still profit right? And every now and again, Ready Flowers throw in a massive order too. 
The pittance I thought was profit was in fact debt that is paying for Ready Flowers to exist and one more dollar at least- into the red for me.
Your article shows the amount a florist receives for certain orders and what a huge commission Ready Flowers takes out.
Florists are also asked to pay an additional $55 membership fee per month for the chance* to accept orders sent by Ready Flowers.
*if the florist does not accept the order within a certain time frame delegated by Ready Flowers- the order is opened up to 3 other florists who may like the order. Florists must now spend time watching for e-mails to try and catch orders in time and they do not come at regular intervals-so the florist who can afford to pay someone to sit and watch a screen is the florist who gets the best orders.
What you allude to but probably couldn't find out from any florist unwilling to disclose its costings, is just how much money it actually costs to supply a Ready Flowers order. I will give you an example and the best one would be surprisingly, the easiest one to fulfill- Florist Choice bouquet. You already know how much the florist receives from Ready Flowers for a $59.90 Florist Choice bouquet so lets start there.
$15.30 + $9.90 delivery 
Here are the things to be factored into the costing of any bouquet :
Average time 30 minutes to make from beginning of contact to completion of bouquet to out the door;
Labour - what do you get per hour for work, half it and deduct it from the $15.30 and there is your starting point;
GST(10 %);
Running costs of shop-electricity, water, rates, etc. (commercial business rates);
Cost of flowers by the bunch-they don't come by the stem so even if you want one , the florist still has to buy the bunch;
Cost of greenery by the bunch;
Cost of wrapping-ribbon (per roll), paper (by ream), wet wrap for stems, etc.;
Cost of card, envelope, pen, benches, for message;
Cost of sundry items-cutting tools-sharpening, sticky tape;
Profit - I know Australians believe we buy at wholesale and sell for less, but it is a business;
And (arguably) finally-the coast of the $55 membership fee- how many orders must you accept to make profit to cover the fee as well as all other costs;
$15.30 for all of this;
$9.90 for the delivery including GST(providing your delivery is within a $9.90 fee otherwise you take out of your $15.30 any outstanding delivery fee- you are at liberty to request more delivery money from Ready flowers who deem that your order can not be done by you and usually send it on to somebody else- but don't ask for payment of the time wasted; 
$34.70 taken from the $59.90 for Ready Flowers to step in between the customer and the florist who actually needs the $59.90 to supply the value of the requested order.
The Florists reputation is on the line and Ready Flowers offer no recognition to the recipient or purchaser that they have taken out commission. It becomes the florists fault. 
The Floristry industry is suffering the most, consumers are being mislead but if they persist, they will get their money back from Ready flowers but they get to keep the flowers and the florist has to refund the full amount-(including delivery on occasion) to Ready Flowers to cover their costs for refunding- all part of paying them the $55 membership fee. Effectively- the florist has now paid Ready Flowers to supply the recipient with flowers they are not happy with.
Lastly, the recipient looses out by being disappointed with the floristry industry and will never buy flowers from that florist who is told by the customer that they spent so much money on them through Ready Flowers. That florist now loses customers and ready Flowers keeps getting more. 
All because the consumer wants to deal immediately rather than spend a few more minutes on the web to make sure they get a good local florist- and because florists can't afford the time, money or energy on anything other than keeping their businesses open to feed themselves so they trust in Businesses like Ready Flowers to look after them and keep the florists interests at heart.
 I was so wrong. 
  Well hasn't all this finally opened a can of worms & exposed this group of "thieves".
Having had the unfortunate experience to deal with this so called relay group in the past - I can assure you they are only in this business for one thing - and that's getting as much out of the florist industry as they can before it all comes crashing down. 
I note that a couple of the comments refer to what the florists should / shouldn't be putting into the orders. BUT the number 1 issue no-one seems to be addressing is that if you are silly enough to accept a ReadyFlowers order in the 1st place - THEY tell you what to put in it so it is to "value" that they deem correct. 
BUT - if they actually posted this information on the website so that the PAYING CUSTOMER knew exactly what they were getting in the flower order I would be very very confident that most customers would not place the order online in the first place.
As for RF customer service - it is nothing short of disgraceful. They just do NOT respond to customer issues & in turn issues we have as florists. They work on the "insurance company" principle - if you ignore the complaints long enough ... most complaints go away ... and as for the ones that don't go away - they just refund them to keep them quiet ... but the refund comprises all sorts of "deductions" that are hidden away on the "terms" page of their website. 
In conclusion - well done to Gordon Craven for taking the time to expose these fraudsters at least at this level for now - here's hoping that now the ball's rolling, florists Australia wide will realise - just as Jenny has mentioned in her comments section - if florists DO NOT accept and / or process any RF order requests, then obviously they will eventually die a natural business death - which would be a huge favour for the entire florist industry - which is being bad mouthed as a whole for a perceived lack of value in orders - all because of "computer geeks" like this facade of a relay florist. 
I strongly suggest to all florist if you have read this report & this comments section - you MUST take the time to express your disapproval as well ...
It is an interesting point that is raised in your article
Those of us in the trade know and understand how these "brokerage" deals work, but the consumer probably would have no idea. 
Is it then reasonable to conclude that if the supplying or fulfillment florist is receiving only about 50% of the sale price of a product, that the actual product produced will always suffer from the "cost of production" pressure and will indeed, most likely, lead to a below value product being supplied? It is an interesting point to consider.
Another critical question is "why have the online transfer sites" been able to gain such traction in the marketplace?" 
The ability to market and attract clients is the realm of marketing experts that so often own these sites. As long as the fulfillment florist understands the deal clearly before entering into it, then that is free trade. 
Free trade however involves clearly stating to a consumer what they will be paying and what they will be receiving. 
These sites would most likely protest their innocence stating that they instruct the supplying member florist to produce the item to full value. The issue is, even when the big guns in the flora industry struggle to get their paid members to execute orders for the full price, how then are transient brokerage suppliers going to be policed to provide full value when they normally have no equity share or interest in the deal to begin with? 
Ultimately, the question of "does the flower buyer or receiver receive what they should with relation to volume and price per item?"  
The only way to make sure is to deal direct with the florist producing your order.  
By texting the word "flower" to 13TEXT you will be connected to the local florist in the area you are sending flowers too, or if none available, you will be offered the choice of going through to a florist who can place your order via a relay network, (we currently use the Petals Network) but you will be advised of that fact before it is done.
I am happy that someone is trying to expose these networks.
They are flourishing to the detriment of the honest florists and their customers. Interflora is the same. I am the owner of (withheld), and receive customers concerns about ordering flowers online. We only supply the Gold Coast and have a great reputation but that does not stop customers being suspicious. I believe that we would receive more orders if the likes of Readyflowers.com.au and the others did not exist. www.findmeflowers.com.au is also misleading consumers. They have every florist, in Australia, on their site and link them to THOSE networks even though a lot of these florists are not members to that particular network. I have contacted ACCC to no avail. They said all we had to do is tell Find Me Flowers to take me off the list. Find Me Flowers should be told by ACCC to ask each and every florist if they would like their good name to be linked to any network and consequently not receive any orders. There are many florists who do not even know that they are on the list and their good name is being exploited to get orders to those networks.
I think it is a battle that cannot be won! 
Thank you for your concern and effort to protect the small business owners. 

As a Florist having dealt with Ready Flowers, I no longer accept their orders…
They expect us to do the orders sometimes for less than we actually buy the flowers for! How are Florist’s ever going to do that!We have insurance, rents, electricity, wages, flower bills, courier charges….
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I run a florist shop the used to accept orders from readyflowers
We don’t anymore because Readyflowers takes to much of your money as an unrealistic commission. The ‘real florist’ shop gets hardly any money to make up your flower order and to deliver it. So if the florist shop takes an order from readyflowers they have to put in cheaper and less flowers to make some profit for themselves. All readyflowers does is ring up the florist for you. Its the local florist that makes up the flowers and delivers them, not Readyflowers.
Anyone can set up a website like Readyflowers. Readyflowers is a skimming website, not a florist. If you don’t want to get ripped off, look up the yellow pages, find a “REAL FLORIST SHOP” near where you want to send the flowers and place your order yourself directly with the florist. You’ll get much better value for your money. Most florists can take your credit card details over the phone. Go direct to the florist, don’t waste your money at Readyflowers!
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I am also a florist and we still have readyflowers try to give us orders,
i wonder if people get to see what amount of flowers they are getting delivered to thier friend and family. Alot of the orders we are given amounts to deliver for example 7 stems of gerbera or 12 roses etc, what about the florist choice that the starting price is $50 + $9.90 delivery. we get $28 delivered, and take out $10 to pay the courier and you dont get much an for $18 bunch of flowers, i dont think you can get a mixed buch for that price from the supermarket. As for the photos they have of there flowers, some of them look like they are artificial! I just wish there was some way of warning the consumer that the best way to buy flowers is to speak to the florist direct.
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I am a florist having dealt with readyflowers and i would really advice everyone to have a look at the website
you will get a good idea of what the flowers you ordered will actually look like as their pictures are completely misleading. also, something you have paid $75 for the florist will get paid only $30 for (this is supposed to cover our delivery as well!!). a courier costs us $9.. this leaves us $21 to make your flowers. if you take rent, cost of flowers and wages into account you can probably guess that this leaves us with pretty much no profit. I reject all readyflower orders coming through to my shop…i truly feel sorry for the customer who orders off their website expecting
something beautiful to arrive on the other side…
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