RF assets .com and .com.au domains, now point to www.ZFlowers.com.au
they are also operating www.floristcollective.com.au

they just walk away from their debts 
(according to The West Australian hundreds of thousands of dollars
and arise from the ashes as re-badged online florists using
the domain assets that should belong to the liquidator.

Some call it PHOENIXING which according to the ATO is illegal
another ABC report is HERE 

what else would you expect from the Hegarty Clan, and who respond with a threat when emailed...

"I wish to receive no communications from you and the matter will be referred to the police under stalking legislation if you contact me again"





Ready Flowers Limited of Hong Kong allegedly owe its numerous partnered florists hundreds of thousands of dollars, and refuse to refund consumers for non delivery and defective product,SEE PRODUCT REVIEW with over 650 complaints.

A florist who wishes to remain anonymous has told me that he received and performed consumer orders fromReady Flowers Hong Kong of monthly amounts approaching $8,000 which now totals$50,000.

Ready Flowers stopped paying him in June 2015 and I asked him if he knew why. 

He told me that Ready Flowers told him,“they were just a bit behind because they spent so much on Google advertising but they would catch up by November 2015”.

ThenNoni Sue (a Hegarty relation) of Ready Flowers told him,“it was the people before who had made a bit of a mess and she was hired to set things in order and was going to have it all paid out very soon”.

From there he said,“every time we called an excuse was made about them not being in the office”.

He told me that, after a letter of demand for payment was sent, Ready Flowers offered to pay the outstanding amount off in weekly instalments. This worked for a couple of weeks then ceased.

The florist is still owed a massive amount of money.

Other florists tell similar stories, such as :
having their online account blocked by Ready Flowers.
being told by Ready Flowers that the florist is not even on their system and that the florist doesn't exist.
Ready Flowers staff hanging up once the florist says,"I want to be paid".
"We received a measly $500!!! When my fiancé and I emailed him asking where the rest of our$22,000was he said we should be greatful that we received anything and that it's better than nothing".
"I hate begging for something that belongs to me. These people belong in prison. How come with all of the unpaid bills to florists and the like, they're still in business?"
tried 6 times in one day,"I spoke 6 times in one day to people who promised to have the right people contact me although nothing."
"I've been showed nothing but disrespect and excuses, I've told them to pay what is owed and all they want to do is play games....".
"Its disgusting ive contacted them everday since january and they have just closed my account so i dont have any access to my accounts now".
"I am owed a huge sum of money from these people and have been beating my head against a wall trying to get it out of them. I was told by Noni last month (last communication i have had)that they where trying to sell property to pay out all outstanding debts..a very big lie i would say.. I have sent letters of demand to all the Hegarty family members and i did recieve a reply from Deborah Hegarty saying they deny any liability for the debt and to contact the company responsible... what a joke".
"I have not received any amount yet since September 2015, and you are intentionally keep ignoring my continuous requests for payment".
"Yes the scum of the earth calling themselves Hegarty's/ Ready Flowers owe my company$7,313.00. Their last payment was last December 2015. Hundreds of phone calls and emails haven't produced anything.".
"I'm also in Victoria and owed about$40,000. It's hard as we are a new florist". (added 29 May 2016)
"Tell you what, in our over twenty years in this business, we've only been had once and that's by Ready Flowers. "
"Peter hegarty sent me an email to clear his name and company, i ask my money then he told me i need to convince him to change his mind just to settle my payment,, what the f***, he wants me to publish good comments regarding ready flowers and thats impossible for me to do."
A STOOGE IN THE RANKS IS UNCOVERED:"you know guys as i was saying peter hegarty is asking someone exactly what Emma Guvenis does. Trust me.... They know how to play so everyone you have to be careful"
"Peter called and said they'd paid August [2015]. Which they have. His attitude was more to the fact that they'd sent me $xxxxxx in orders over the past 7 years and I think he was trying to make me feel like they had been a big provider to my business.... Don't try and make me feel guilty. You were the ones that started hiding from your responsibilities. Lose the attitude and humble yourself."
"you have made no effort to pay me and noni sue is purposly avoiding all emails and phone calls, i dont appreciate your customer service team laughing and hanging up in my face each time i call to chase payment, where is my money? You owe over 100 florists in australia and new zealand alone"
"When we florists signed up to the agreement, we were to be paid in 15-30 after the month of transaction. I'm on my 10th month of waiting."
"I have made numerous attempts to contact Peter [Hegarty] with no success. I have also tried the Philippines number, also no response. Does anyone have new contact details?"
"Hi, one of my clients is a flower delivery company based in Tokyo, and now they are having a similar trouble with them. Readyflowers has payments for about 100 orders outstanding in total which is equivalent to more than10,000 USD back in February and March."
"It's quite appalling that they don't care that they've ruined people's businesses and lives by not paying and to make it worse the lack of respect they have shown us..."
"We are still waiting payments from August 2015. Thanks for the info Brisbane Flowers we will be lodging our case to theACCC, we will also being seeking legal advice from an international legal team. Macarthur Baskets is awaiting payment of$23,977.16"
"Ready Flowers you haven't responded to our collection letters! The last time I spoke to your Noni Sue (that was last year) she told me that you're selling some assets to pay your creditors..... you need to sell your homes and your cars and your other assets cause you're nowhere near done. Most of us creditors are suffering because of your bad business decisions that are absolutely not our fault. So get paying cause there are a lot of cases piling against you. If theACCCdont get you first"

Debt collector has spoken to Thomas Hegarty and he advised that he has no intentions of paying.

COMMENTS FROM PETER HEGARTY -SEE Peter Ross Hegarty @ ONSAVII together with Thomas Hegarty managing director on the "TEAM" page  

"and you want me to consider you above others? please tell me why you should be a priority?" ZOOM
PETER ROSS HEGARTYZOOM    "Well you just kissed your money goodbye" ZOOM

FLORIST COMMENT IN REPLY : To all who are owed by Ready Flowers:
"This is a classic example of Peter Hegarty's epic arrogance. After writing to him to collect what my company is owed, and responding to one of the creditor's plan to work with Ready Flowers again(no way!), he responded with this email to me. Peter Hegarty, I'm just stating a known fact, that you owe my company $7313 since September/15. And that its time to pay! And if I say to anybody that they're crazy working with Ready Flowers ever again, I'm just stating a fact. Nobody in their right mind would be stupid enough to want to go through the pain, anxiety, problems all over again. In regards to me telling you why should I be a priority in the payment queue? You must be a joker. Had you paid me back in 2015, we would not have an issue right now. So will you stick to the issue and focus on your obligation to start paying, cause this debt is not going away, and the more you leave it, the more the authorities are digging into all your business affairs."

"When you owe money to a lot of people, show some humility. Do not go about threatening your creditors, like me, who have waited far too long and still not a payment in sight. For you to have the gall to threaten me just shows the kind of person you are. This is not gonna go unnoticed mind you. The authorities are watching every step you make. And the media is keeping a watchful eye. You still have the chance to correct your mistakes. Use this chance wisely."
FLORIST OPEN LETTER TO THE HEGARTY FAMILY 1 June 2016 from -Ready Flowers don't pay Local Florists
"You have done very little to pay your dues to date. Many local businesses are still left in the lurch by your refusal to pay what is owed. The accounts that were approaching 12 months old that you have paid are restricted to smaller insignificant ones generally not more than $2,000. Rounding errors on readyflowers balance sheet. 

I highly suggest you stop your games and controlling emails Peter. Start paying those who are owed and suffering via providing your family with unarranged finance of which the bank would charge 14%. 

For the sake of your family's reputation is it wise to risk it all for the sake of maybe $250k, or is it much more than that? I urge you Peter Ross Hegarty to continue to actively clear your family's outstanding creditors held within Readyflowers. 

Do you really want a new generation of [Gordon]Cravens coming after your family/Readyflowers /Onsavvii...ones that have legitimate civil suits that would defeat you in court. 

Two last thoughts to share, my Mother's shop was paid a couple weeks back. Yet im still here and still hold ties with media and the like because i see what you are doing to others and it makes me sick. And two, I would gladly add you to the group Peter Ross Hegarty (or your sons or Noni for that matter). You could defend your position here. With your help we could close the group down because once we are all paid, we can ALL get on with focusing on improving our businesses, no longer distracted with managing our bad debts."
From what can be gleaned from some JILTED FLORIST PARTNERS and the comments above, Peter Ross Hegarty(peter@onsavii.com) ofREADY FLOWERS ONSAVII PAYMENTS (business registration expired) seems to be setting up the game of avoidance along with creating false hope and confusion andoffering to dribble the money owed to florists if they toady up to Ready Flowers by becoming a lackey, changing their attitude and publish nice thing about Ready Flowers|  Ready Flowers @ ONSAVII  | ONSAVII address Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines  |  The ONSAVII mansion.  Business address: 2nd floor, Bigfoot Studios Mactan, Quezon National Hiway, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

In my view, clearly the Ready Flowers Limited business model has unravelled as it can’t pay its bills, and since ceasing payment of bills in June 2015 (not just with this and other florists belonging to the quotes, but with many othersSEEAngry florists chasing more than $188,000 owed by Ready Flowers AND Florist Blasts Seller over Mother's Day Dramas) it has likely been trading while insolvent. In Hong Kong I believe that is not illegal (unlike in Australia), however as I understand it things are on foot for that to change.

SEE :Ready Flowers don't pay Local Florists not to mention all the consumers being refused refunds for non delivered and defective orders, SEE:PRODUCT REVIEWover 600 complaints.

FROM :http://www.iclg.co.uk/practice-areas/corporate-recovery-and-insolvency/corporate-recovery-and-insolvency-2015/hong-kong

2.2    What are the tests for insolvency in Hong Kong?

‘Insolvency’ is not defined in the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap. 32) (the “Ordinance”) or under Hong Kong law. However, a company is insolvent if it is “unable to pay its debts”. There are three ways in which this can be proved:

(1)    failure to satisfy a statutory demand for a debt of not less than HK$10,000 [about AUD$1,800] within 21 days of service of the statutory demand on the company;

(2)    if a judgment, decree or order of any court in favour of a creditor is returned unsatisfied in whole or in part;

(3)    if it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that the company is unable to pay its debts (including any contingent liabilities) as they fall due.

With respect to (3) above, the court will presume that a company is unable to pay its debts where it cannot pay its debts as they fall due (the ‘cash flow’ test).

Further the website says regarding, “Fraudulent Trading”;
A director may be personally liable if he/she was knowingly involved in carrying on any business of the company with the intent to defraud its creditors. The court may make an order that the director be personally liable for all or any of the debts and liabilities of the company. He is also exposed to criminal liability and potentially liable to a fine and imprisonment.

It also says regarding, “Fraudulent Conveyance”;
Every disposition of the company’s property made with intent to defraud the creditors is voidable and may be set aside by the court.

Thomas Hegarty is currently the sole director(SEE HK COMPANY SEARCH) and it has been reported he is trying to sell the company.

Serving the Ready Flowers Limited company is set out at section 803 Part 16 Division 1 of the HK Companies Ordinance published athttp://www.cr.gov.hk/en/companies_ordinance/docs/part16-e.pdf which in part provides :

803.    Service of process or notice 
    (1) Subject to subsections (3) and (4), any process or notice required to be served on a registered non-Hong Kong company is sufficiently served if— 
        (a) it is addressed to anauthorized representativeof the company whose required details are shown in the Companies Register; and 
        (b) it is left at, or sent by post to, the representative’s last known address.

Sub-section 774(i) provides :
authorized representative(獲授權代表), in relation to a registered non-Hong Kong company, means—
    (a) a natural person resident in Hong Kong; ……

Thomas Hegarty is such a person who resides in Hong Kong and at the moment it is reported that he is on holiday in Australia and living at 38 Bateman Road Mt. Pleasant in Perth Western Australia, although in the White Pages he is listed at 18 Downey Drive, Manning WA 6152, (08) 9313 1556  Mobile, 0408 881 556http://www.whitepages.com.au/residential-listing/hegarty-tom-10923752

His Hong Kong address can be found by doing a search here;https://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci/. It’s quite cheap as a HK dollar is only about 18 cents Australian.

Recommendation to florists who are owed money by Ready Flowers Limited of Hong Kong, pool some money and investigate employing an Australian lawyer that specialises in Hong Kong company insolvency.

Gordon Craven